Russell Cooke / Presenter @ Signly / Community Engagement Manager @ Royal Association for Deaf people

Russell is a native Deaf Londoner and joined RAD in October 2013. He is responsible for maintaining the link between RAD and the wider Deaf community within London and the South East (also further afield too as and when needed). Russell works with and supports the Deaf community and strengthens relationships wherever possible, making sure that the Deaf Clubs that RAD supports and their members are happy, independent and supporting them when needed with a wide range of issues and delivering training opportunities as well.

Russell also delivers Deaf Awareness courses all across the UK and is the operational lead for RAD’s Quality Assurance Scheme. Russell is a trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and has been a Registered Sign Language Translator (RSLT) since 2013.

Daryl Jackson / Deaf Interpreter

Hi, I’m Daryl. I have a BA(Hons) Degree in Interpreting BSL/English with Deaf Studies and Linguistics and lectured on the same course at Wolverhampton University after graduation. I have worked as BSL supervisor for a number of television presenters and actors, and have presented and In-vision signed for numerous TV channels and websites.

I am also an actor and performer, and have worked with a number of theatre companies, festivals and films including a stint performing and acting as translation advisor for the Paralympics. I am frequently requested to teach workshops and BSL courses in a diverse range of areas such as mental and sexual health and BSL linguistics. I have a passion for sign singing, am fluent in International Sign Language and also know the basics of German Sign Language.

Radha Starr

Deaf Sign Language Translator (SLT)

Tim Scannell /Signly Ambassador

I was born profoundly deaf due to my Mother contracting German Measles whilst pregnant.

Throughout my education, I was not taught sign language, in fact, you were punished if school staff caught you using it.

At 14 I had saved up enough pocket money to pay to attend a deaf camp California.

At 16, I attended Derby College for Deaf People. Lots of the deaf students knew and used BSL, leading me to learn it and even go on to complete BSL qualifications.

Having acquired a new language, opportunities arose for me both academically and socially.

In my work I spend a lot of time researching the latest gadgets and gismos, taking a special interest in technology that can improve deaf people’s lives by aiding communication.

English is a second language to me and to many other BSL users. It poses a huge barrier in terms of accessing written information. Signly is an exciting App that can solve that problem. The App’s ability to change written language into sign language is welcomed by the deaf community and has the potential to resolve many communication barriers if companies get on board and offer it as a service.

Now, I am working for Signly Ambassador and I hope you can meet me in one day!

Alexandre Malhão / senior developer / Signly

Alex joined Signly in spring 2019. He's a technical wizard, coding the Signly platform.

Mark Applin /Signly Co-founder

Mark and Deafax conceptualised and launched Signly, an assistive sign language app which delivers smart British Sign Language (BSL) directly to the user’s mobile device, providing d/Deaf people with equal access to information, advice and services.

In 2019, Signly launched a browser extension to allow users to request a sign language version of any web page.