Does Signly use cookies?

No, it’s cookieless

Where are the Signly videos stored?

Securely in Microsoft Azure Cloud

How do you transfer the media file to the website?

The videos stream from Azure

Who does the translation?

Highly qualified Trainee and Registered Sign Language Translators. They are regulated with the NRCPD.

Where is all data kept?

Signly only holds information that is publicly available on the website. It does not hold data so GDPR regulations do not apply.

How long will it take for the translations?

A day or two

Does Signly have public liability and indemnity cover?


Is Signly replacing BSL interpreters and any of Language Services Providers (LSP)?

No. It enables D/deaf signers to look at online information in sign language independently.

Is Signly service free?

For small Deaf focussed organisations we try and offer low or no cost integrations. Corporate clients pay.

Is Signly aiming for AI translation (Artificial intelligence)?

One day but only if it is done ethically.

Are the translators working at home?


When was Signly set up?


How does the name ‘Signly’ originate?

Someone made it up!

Is Signly able to provide AR/QR codes?

Soon but not just yet.

What does Signly need support with?

Spreading the word with big companies that they can and should do more.

Do Deaf and Deaf-blind people use it?

Yes, DeafBlind UK helped us make the interface work for low-vision users with residual sight.

Where is Signly best placed on the website?

Generally it is bottom-right but can go anywhere.

Who has already signed up with Signly?

See Clients (

What if the site changes?

Signly ‘knows’ automatically and updates the site. You don’t need to tell us.

What is the reporting procedure if any external websites don’t provide BSL?

Tell us Want to see Signly on other websites? And we’ll try and contact them.