Are you travelling alone?

Can I see your railcard?

Can I write it down for you?

Can I write it down for you?

Can you write it down/on your phone for me please?

Do you have a railcard?

Do you have any photo ID?

Everyone has to get off the train (all change)

Everyone has to leave the station immediately

Hello can I help

Here are details of someone you can contact

Here is a timetable/I have a timetable here

Here is some general information about tickets and fares.

Here is some information about how and when to get a refund.

I can help you to buy a ticket from the ticket machine.

I will (phone) call someone for help

Is this your bag?

Let me show you a different route

Let me show you another route

Please can I see your ticket?

Please try to stay calm

Shall we use the video relay service?

Thank you

That train has been cancelled

That train has been delayed.

The toilets are ‘out of order’/not working

The train has been delayed

The train will be running more slowly

There are no services from this station due to engineering works.

There are replacement bus services from outside the station

There is a fault/problem with the train.

There is a security alert

There is free Wi-Fi at this station.

This train does not go to that station

This train will not stop at that station

We will be waiting here for some minutes

You are on the wrong train

You can’t get to that station from this station.

You have to change trains.

You may be able to get a refund if your journey was delayed for 30 minutes or more.

You will have to buy another ticket

You will have to get off/change trains at the next station

You will need to be in the back part of the train

Your ticket is not valid on this train

Your ticket is standard class, and you are currently sat in first class, would you like to upgrade?

Due to disruption you will need to take an alternative route

You can contact our customer relations using video relay service. Details on our website

Your ticket is not valid without the railcard. You will need to purchase a new ticket.

You can claim Delay Repay compensation if you are delayed by 30 minutes or more. Contact Customer Relations