Much essential info is only available in written form.

The British Deaf Association states that up to 250,000 people use some sign language in their daily life. Yet masses of essential content is not independently accessible for this group.

One in six of the population has some form of deafness – and everyone likes video.

Why Not Write It Down?

A 16 year old d/Deaf child has a reading age of 8-9 years (on average). An undiagnosed d/Deaf child aged 3 knows 25 words, compared to 700 words for hearing child.

Because of low literacy rates among the d/Deaf community, simply writing it down isn't enough. Furthermore, BSL is its own language, constructed in a unique way as the following example shows.

Open the app, point your device at the Signly-enabled printed stuff or barcodes and signed content will appear as if by magic. This smart layer of signed or spoken filmed digital information on the screen of a visitor's own mobile device animates, translates and invigorates their experience by making essential information accessible.

Signly is free to users of the app – content owners pay to have their materials Signly 'enabled'.