Frequently Asked Questions

What is Signly?

Signly is an app, based on Augmented Reality which recognises images, codes and objects and then delivers sign language videos to a smartphone or tablet.

It brings information to life for sign language users in a brand new way, and gives Deaf people the freedom to choose when and where they access information.

It acts like a sign language interpreter in your pocket and works with any displayed or published information.

Why hasn't this been done before?

We are surprised too, as it's such a great application of technology.

Where else could Signly be used?

Essentially anywhere that information is displayed or published, whether that is in print or electronic form.

Signly can also recognise 3D objects and images, so can provide interpretation of objects, exhibits, buildings, sculpture and lots more.

Surely if the information is in writing, deaf people can just read it?

That's a common assumption, but it's not always true.

Sign language is a different language in its own right, with its own structure, syntax, grammar and so on. You can see how sign language is translated here.

Deaf people, especially those who have sign language as their first language, learn/acquire English at a different rate (50-60% of hearing pupils), and on average leave school with a lower reading age.

What are your plans to expand where Signly is used?

We are looking at many options at the moment.

Signly can be used wherever display or published information is provided. So it is suitable for books, leaflets, posters, websites, display screens, letters (eg from the bank or the tax man!), as well as museums, galleries and other cultural venues and visitor attractions.

We are especially interested in using Signly in Healthcare settings where we think it will make a significant contribution to patient care and safety.

Also of great interest is in education, making material such as high quality textbooks available to children who use sign language.

Is it free?

The app is free for users. They can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play, simply search for the app.

For organisations, they would pay for the service which includes converting their information into sign language, setting up the special Signly codes, and their own version of the Signly app. Most organisations will already have the information available in writing or audio form.

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